What is Google AMP And why should you care?

What is Google AMP And why should you care?
Google AMP

Google has announced that its main index of referencing is now based on the mobile while it depended until now on the desktop (computer). Google AMP is the new standard that the Mountain View company has developed and to which companies and brands will have to conform. What is Google AMP? Why should you (already) care about it for your marketing mix?

What is Google AMP ?

Standing for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google AMP is the new format for mobile websites. A new standard of design and encoding of responsive sites, a new writing format that can significantly accelerate the display of mobile content.

Thanks to Google AMP, mobile users will no longer have to wait to see the content of a mobile site displayed. A technical answer that is perfectly adapted to the expectations of 2.0 consumers who are looking for immediacy, if not ultra-fastness, in their web experience.

Google AMP is also a lighter format than its predecessors and cached to make the display of pages on a mobile site even more fluid and much faster.

This news will shake up the current codes of SEO for responsive sites because Google announced that the basic index for SEO websites would now be the mobile index.

The consequences for your company

By pushing AMP as the new flagship format for mobile sites, Google is changing the rules of the game somewhat, with several consequences for businesses and brands:

  • the loading speed of a mobile site is becoming a key factor of success, an element of web marketing even more important than before
  • the responsive aspect of sites will have to be worked on more carefully in the future
  • the display speed of mobile site pages will now be much more strategic than it was until now


Know that from the beginning of 2017, you will be able to benefit from the AMP format for your blog as well as for all your landing pages thanks to the partnership that your agency Comexplorer has concluded with Hubspot.
because SEO is now based on this standard
in order to be in line with the expectations of your visitors who want to benefit from content at V speed, and to offer them a high-level browsing experience
to keep or gain points on the competition or even just to stay in the race

Note: Google has made a second major announcement. The firm advises more than warmly to buy a HTTPS certificate (secure version of the HTTP protocol). Also, if you are the owner of such a site, it is crucial to acquire one because all the sites that have a client space (login + password) and that will not be passed under the HTTPS protocol will risk being less well referenced from 2017. Google seeks to reassure Internet users by generalizing the secure versions of sites.

Google AMP and HTTPS deployment, these are two avenues you’re going to need to explore very seriously for 2017. For all these questions and more, your agency is here to help.



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